We’ve pulled together a helpful list of questions and answers that come from real-life queries we’ve had from our candidates over the years.

Common Questions & Answers
I have never been to a recruitment agency, how does it work?

As a recruitment agency, we work with both businesses and job seekers in the Tech and Digital space.

Employers are our clients, and they engage us to find great people for the job vacancies in their organisations. We do this by running a recruitment process to find the best candidates for the role.  The process involves consulting with the employer to understand more about the job, the team and the organisation, so that we can go to market and find job seekers who will be a great match for the vacant role, and the business. We’ll review the job applications, conduct phone screening, interviews, testing etc, depending on the requirements of the role, all on behalf of the employer. We provide our professional expertise to help find the very best person for the job.

At the same time, we work with job seekers.  We encourage talented candidates to register with us, which involves providing us with an up-to-date resume, information about skills, experience, and preferred career direction etc.  Then, when an employer gets in touch with a suitable vacancy, we’re able to make a quick connection.

Do I have to pay to get a job?
How do I apply for a role?
I just need some advice on my career, can you help?
How do I know if my tech skills are still relevant, and will be in 5 years’ time?
I saw multiple roles on your site that I’m interested in, should I apply for all of them?
I am not sure if my CV is effective, can you provide me with some advice or guidance?
Do I have to complete a skill assessment test?
How should I prepare for my interview?
Where are you located?
How will I know if I am being paid fairly?
What are the benefits of choosing Absolute IT?
Do you take a cut out of my salary?
How do I get into contracting?
Do I have to have a company if I take a contract role?