Cloud and Infrastructure

Here you can learn more about what infrastructure roles Absolute IT are experts in, along with some additional information about the cloud and infrastructure sector.

Helping organisations find the right skills, attitude and culture fit for scale and security.

We understand just how important it is to find highly skilled infrastructure and cloud computing expertise. With more businesses taking their operations into the cloud as a means of better business continuity and convenience, there’s a growing demand for talent to ensure this happens seamlessly and securely.

Cloud and Infrastructure Recruitment

Finding the right cloud or infrastructure hire

Perhaps no other type of role is more critical to get right than cloud and infrastructure. Anyone working with your tech stack, storage, security, system updates and server solutions need to have a high degree of expertise and care. We help find the best possible candidates for employers by working through a set of criteria around technical capability and mindset, before we present a shortlist to you for interviews. We will consult with you over the selection and interview processes, interview questions, testing and probity to ensure a successful hire.

Depending on the specific role, you may wish to set certain training and certification requirements within the job ad. We will support you to build a profile of the ideal candidate to ensure the best possible selection of candidates. We also maintain a very close network of job seekers so can help connect you with others who are actively looking but not yet applied for your role.


Finding the right organisation to join as a cloud or infrastructure specialist

The good news for anyone experienced in this space, is that there are plenty of roles coming up across New Zealand every week. Organisations understand the need to engage talented individuals to get their infrastructure right. With security being a common concern across all businesses, job seekers will likely have a range of opportunities to choose from.

You will want to choose a company that aligns with your own personal values, but also offers an opportunity to work on projects that make use of your skills. Take the time to learn more about the team you’d be working in, which stakeholders you’d engage with and any upcoming programmes of work that you’d be assigned to.

Types of Cloud and Infrastructure Roles

Much like construction architects, who are responsible for designing a building that is fit for purpose and created upon a solid foundation, IT or software architects design solutions and provide answers to queries from delivery teams as they navigate the implementation. In this role, architects  take on a list of business requirements and craft a solution that meets these. Solution Architects need great problem solving and analytical skills along with a high degree of technical knowledge and capability.

Cloud Services
Networking and Storage
Helpdesk and Support
Service Management
Systems Administration and Support
What makes Absolute IT a different recruiter for cloud and infrastructure roles?

We know that each role within IT can come with its own unique set of requirements, meaning the types of job seekers we talk to come from a huge range of backgrounds and skill sets. When we help organisations find networking, security, cloud or systems savvy IT staff, we understand that it’s crucial to vet talent closely on their technical skills. Our consultants are well familiarised with the requirements of these types of roles, where a high level of attention to detail and knowledge is needed.

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