Absolute IT provides a range of data related talent into the tech industry each day. Learn more about what data roles we are experts in, along with some additional information about the sector.

Where talented data specialists join NZ’s leading tech employers.

Storage, transfer and access of information is a central component of almost any business. For larger organisations within both the public and private sectors, skilled specialists are tasked with effectively extracting, processing and analysing data, in order to provide sound business recommendations.

Data Recruitment

Finding the right data talent for your organisation

Your organisation’s data is valuable and sensitive. We support your business to find good database developers, scientists, analysis and data warehousing specialists to ensure your business can draw upon its data effectively. We know that raw skills and training are essential, but so too is an individual that can work effectively with your team. Absolute IT’s consultants can bring candidates to you that will be a great asset to the business in all respects.

Finding the right data team to join 

With a specialised field, you may be joining a team where you are the sole data specialist, or you may be just one of a larger data team. It’s important to understand the wider team you’re joining, and get a good idea of how many other like minded people you’ll be working around. Are you seeking to grow your skill set by learning from others? Look into opportunities elsewhere in an environment that’s different. This could be moving to a larger organisation, a tech business that services external clients, or even a small yet nimble startup.  

 You should also find out the business’ current view of their data management practices and database challenges. We will help you uncover this information as you explore our available opportunities. Finally, joining a company full time is a big commitment. Make sure you are aligned with the culture and values of a business, not simply the job description and salary.

Types of Roles in Data
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Data warehousing developers and specialists are skilled in handling large data sets, applying modelling and analysis, along with Structured Query Language to talk to and pull insights from data. Business intelligence roles are related, with this position responsible for drawing upon data to provide the wider organisation with valuable insights from which to make decisions, or understand their business.

Database Development and Administration
What makes Absolute IT a different recruiter for data roles?

Absolute IT have specialised in data roles for over 20 years, helping to supply talented data scientists, analysts and administrators to thousands of Kiwi businesses. We’re able help with advertising, conducting preliminary interviews and preparing candidates before you meet them.

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