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Learn more about what roles Absolute IT are experts in, along with relevant information pertaining to Management and Executive roles within the tech sector.

Connecting senior leaders with the best roles in tech.

Our networks across NZ’s best employers and candidates make Absolute IT a smart choice whether you are recruiting or looking for a job. We understand what’s required from a senior leader in technology, with businesses demanding exemplary people leadership skills, strategic mindsets and of course, a good working knowledge of various technology platforms.

IT Management and Executive Recruitment

Finding the right executive or leadership candidate to hire

Bringing on a senior leader can be a daunting prospect; you’re essentially making a decision around the direction of your business. An executive role has influence and authority to make big decisions, so it’s important to get right. As you search for executives or leaders to add to your team, we will help you to identify exactly the type of person you’re looking for. Skills and experience are critical, but so is personality, attitude and insights. We’ll work with you closely before advertising roles to build a comprehensive understanding of the business requirements for the role, and the type of person that will fit your organisation, culture, direct reports and peers. 

Absolute IT’s advice? Prioritise personality (after a baseline of skills and experience requirements are met) in your hiring decision. A leadership team can work far better with positive minds at the table.

Finding the right organisation to join as an executive

The hunt for a new job isn’t simply a matter of choosing a position that aligns with your experience and remuneration expectations. Take it from us – the most successful placements happen when the candidate comes on board for their belief in the organisation, as much as the role itself. Tech-based businesses are dynamic by nature, meaning that a certain degree of flexibility will be needed by anyone in a leadership role. 

When you choose a business that aligns with your own principles and philosophies, your satisfaction in the role is likely to be retained, even through challenging periods. 

Our advice? Do your research on the company before interviewing, and throughout the whole application process. If you feel enthusiastic about the business or conversely, misaligned with them, it’s worth calling this early.  We can help you understand more about each organisation’s values and purpose, so you can approach your job search fully informed.


Types of IT Leadership Roles
Executive Positions

Technology has never been more important at the C-suite and executive level than now. As more organisations depend on information technology to work, the market demands more senior tech leaders to fill executive roles. We work with established IT executives to find their next challenge, as well as being a trusted partner for senior leadership teams across the country to bring them the best candidates for a high stakes position.

Management Positions
Team Leader Positions
What makes Absolute IT a different recruiter for executive roles?

Absolute IT doesn’t just point our candidates at leadership positions and expect them to do the rest. We’re specialists in the tech industry at every level. That means we support both our clients and candidates to make the right decisions for their needs. Before an organisation even puts up a job vacancy, we’ll collaborate with you to identify exactly what the business needs, including gathering extra context as to any previous experience with that role. This allows us to design a tailored recruitment process, craft considered advertising, implement strategic sourcing, provide selection process advice and connect with candidates who suit positions from both a talent and personality fit.

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