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Here you can learn more about what roles Absolute IT are experts in, along with some additional information about the development and testing sector.

Helping resource New Zealand’s tech solutions.

Development continues to be the lifeblood of the tech industry. Everything from the latest mobile app to a back end intranet system requires development expertise. With such a strong demand for devs and testing, New Zealand suffers from a shortage of talent. Therefore it’s important to work with a recruitment partner that understands this local tech talent challenge and the implications for candidates and employers alike. Absolute IT acts as an advocate for employers within NZ’s largest network of developers and testers, and we work to support skilled Dev candidates to identify the right opportunities for them to build a rewarding career.

Development and Testing Recruitment

Finding the right developer for your organisation

The key aspect to get right, for organisations in New Zealand hiring developers, is to correctly define the requirements first, before getting into the market. Hiring someone too senior for your requirements not only leaves your hire bored, but results in over investing in resources that would have been met with a junior-level role. On the flip side, it’s critical to weigh up the investment worth of bringing on a highly experienced developer, with a well-proven track record. Paying more for a role that will be solving complex business challenges is, in the long term, a much better approach. 

 Then there’s the matter of upskilling and professional development. We encourage our clients to be open to upskilling staff, nurturing them into more senior roles, within the framework of a training programme and realistic KPIs. Perhaps you have a number of senior developers who simply don’t have the hours in the day to deliver what the business needs. By bringing some of that development of juniors or intermediate developers in-house you are ensuring  they are learning best practice. It  helps to promote career development, building  engaged employees who can clearly see the pathways within your business to more senior positions.

Finding the right organisation to join as a developer or tester

If you’re a developer or tester looking for work, you won’t need to look for long. New Zealand has a significant imbalance between candidates (not enough) and job opportunities (a lot). 

 This is an advantage for developers looking for work, but if anything, makes the decision making process even more important to get right. Provided you have the technical skills to do a number of potential roles, our advice is to pick the business that best aligns with your values, and is doing work that you are interested in. Remember, remuneration can change with your good performance, but a business’ culture won’t (not easily anyway).

Types of Development and Testing Roles

Any software or tech based business will release new versions of solutions or websites across the year. The process of updating and deploying changes requires rigour and structure to ensure the release is both timely and meets its objectives. DevOps roles help maintain these processes, and facilitate key stages like build, test and release. They will also ensure that the project has the right tools to be completed. A DevOps role is varied and busy—perfect for a tech professional who likes each day being different.

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What makes Absolute IT a different recruiter for developer roles?

We’ve recruited more developers and testers than any other type of role, and we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. Over that time, we’ve built up an incredibly advanced understanding of the development and testing market – both what businesses need from their people and what makes devs really tick. We’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of the developer job market, diversifying in age, gender, ethnicity and backgrounds. 

 We know better than anyone just how short Kiwi employers are on tech talent. It’s our goal to make sure we continue to find and connect talented developers and testers with employers, using our extensive networks and marketing channels. We go the extra distance, helping our clients think creatively around how they resource developer needs – asking the hard questions and helping scope out the exact recruitment objectives, before getting into the market.   Beyond this, we work as an advocate, highlighting your employer value proposition (EVP) to the highly competitive market for developers and testers.

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