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Here you can learn more about what infrastructure roles Absolute IT are experts in, along with some additional information about the project services sector.​​

Transforming organisations through project delivery.

Every day, progressive organisations are working hard on their diverse projects. Many are in the middle of large-scale digital transformation. And transformation is not just a popular buzzword, as a country, we’re moving forward one programme at a time. What this means for the tech sector is a massive demand for talent in the project space. Absolute IT have long standing relationships up and down the country with employers, and regularly help them resource their projects with our network of excellent candidates.

Project Services Recruitment

Finding the right project talent for your organisation

As a business with a project closely tied into your annual or long term objectives, getting the right people into the team is simply a must. Absolute IT are experts in sourcing project managers, administrators, BAs and other personnel who have both a strong project fit and tech experience. We’ll work with you to determine the needs of your projects, from core competencies through to culture fit, as well as acting as an advocate for your business and project environment. Based on our experience and market knowledge we can also provide advice on looking at contract or permanent solutions to ensure project delivery necessities are balanced with the ongoing needs of the organisation.

 Don’t take shortcuts with project staff – they will be interacting with the rest of the business on a daily basis, so it’s essential they gel with your business.

Finding the right project team to join 

The benefit of looking for a role within a project team is that there is typically a finite period of time associated with the opportunity – the end of the project. Many projects may require a fixed term of 6 or 12 months, but many will go longer and extend the contract. 

 When you take on a project role on a contract basis, there is less risk to you of getting ‘stuck’ in a culture that doesn’t quite align with your own career goals and values. However, any working environment should be positive, so don’t neglect your due diligence around understanding the team and business you’d be walking into if successful. Absolute IT has roles within excellent project teams at highly reputable organisations that offer both good career opportunities and a positive environment.

Types of Roles in Project Services
Business or System Analyst

Before a project can exist, the requirements of the business for a specific objective need to be defined. A business analyst or ‘BA’ as they are usually referred to, has the job to analyse desired outcomes set by a senior stakeholder and put together a plan for how these outcomes can be achieved through the mechanism of a project. For more specialised analysis into the feasibility or business fit of a platform, stack or service provider, a ‘Systems Analyst’ role may be required. It’s not uncommon for the pre-project team to include both BA and SA. We have frequent opportunities across both analyst types, so check out our latest job listings.

Project and Programme Management
Change Management
Technical Writing and Authors
What makes Absolute IT a different recruiter for project roles?

We recruit into project teams every week. This space is slightly different to full time hires as time is of the essence – especially if a project team loses a key member of the team. Absolute IT maintains a large network of contractors along with our job seeker network, meaning we can connect employers with great project staff, BAs and writers quickly. 

 As a contractor looking for the next IT project to join, you’ll be able to find some excellent roles through Absolute IT. Our consultants help give you a full picture of the project opportunities, helping you determine which roles are the best fit for you. Then we’ll assist in getting you prepared for the interview.

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