Rosanna Garofalo

Team Administrator

I come from a large family in Nottingham, UK and family is everything to me. However, I’ve always had a desire to travel so I embarked on my OE where I travelled through many countries, including Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and New Zealand! Soon after, I moved to NZ in 2019 to live my best life.

Since leaving school I fell into many Admin roles, but my journey in recruitment started shortly after moving to Auckland from Wellington. This is where I had the opportunity to work with Madison and then the pleasure of joining the admin team at Absolute IT in April 2022. Both teams welcomed me with open arms and I’ve managed to gain friends and family for life.

When I’m not in the office, my ideal day would be walking by the beach, sipping an Aperol, and consuming lots of delicious food!


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