February 22, 2022

Which IT skills will be in demand for 2022?

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As specialists in IT recruitment, our team has an in-depth understanding of the tech industry in New Zealand. We talk to our clients every day and through their demand for talent in certain areas across the country, we know which skills are most sought after at any given time.

By knowing which skills are in demand, job seekers can craft any corresponding expertise into their CV, cover letter and of course the job interview itself. For many tech professionals, skill sets will be far reaching with exposure to a number of disciplines, coding languages or methodologies. It might also be an idea to either get upskilling in your current role, or seek out good quality training to strengthen your CV in areas in demand.

By fulfilling a market demand, job seekers can often demand a better pay. And in a landscape where overseas IT talent is unable to be tapped into, NZ-based IT professionals have a massive opportunity.

We spoke with our consultants across the country to uncover the roles they’re talking about as most in demand with our clients. We think the following are going to be hot and in demand for 2022.


Data and Analytics Skills

COVID-19’s tracking through Ministry of Health is just one example of how data and analysis is the driving force behind big important government initiatives. With the growing expectation of this data helping to manage complex challenges, being harnessed to create a better end user experience, or support an organisation’s function, the requirement for people that understand data and analysis grows too.

The challenge in the market now is finding expertise, particularly Data Analyst, Data Engineer and Data Architect experience – employers are finding it extremely hard to source due to skill availability.

We don’t think there’s any way this field is going to shrink, rather it will explode over the coming decade. For anyone looking to position themselves in a lucrative in demand area of IT, it’s hard not to suggest upskilling, training and qualification in data science.

Cyber Security Skills

As more businesses (and our lives) rely upon technology, the need for excellent cyber security is growing. This is no longer a peripheral field that only some organisations prioritise. Security of platforms, infrastructure and processes is fundamental for protection against breaches or external attacks on systems. With some recent highly-publicised cyber security stories in New Zealand like the attack experienced by the Waikato DHB and news media about the shortage of resources to combat cyber crime, there are constant reminders for organisations around the need for experienced security talent.

Because security is high stakes, the demand for personnel is caveated with high levels of experience too. For this reason, those in this field can demand considerable remuneration.

DevOps Skills

Ensuring a tech stack is working and utilised by the team still plays a critical role in many of our clients’ workflow. Whether it’s a need for more system administration to accommodate a growing team, or supporting the upkeep of platforms, we’re having plenty of conversations with employers who are asking for DevOps specialists.

Cloud Skills

This year will see more businesses shift their infrastructure into the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) still holds strong as a popular Cloud environment employers need skills in, but Azure – Microsoft’s Cloud platform – is the priority for most of our clients at present. In fact, Microsoft suite skills are a hot topic at the moment with MS Dynamics 365 being adopted into a number of organisations’ workflow, thus needing consultants and experience around it.

Project Management Skills

The business world is continually needing good project management expertise to help deliver on tech projects. This demand is far reaching for organisations across many industries including:

  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Digital Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Public Sector

It’s encouraging to see growing numbers of candidates for these roles, but anyone within a desire to continue or grow their project management career should keep a close eye on roles as the demand doesn’t look to be slowing down – anywhere in the main business centres across NZ.

Project management roles typically require leadership, people skills, methodology expertise, organisation and problem solving.

Business Analyst (BA) Skills

BAs have long been in demand by organisations in order to better understand and solve business challenges. Demand for these roles is unlikely to slow down in 2022. The ability to provide analysis on ‘current state’ and ‘future state’ systems and processes – then use this to empower leadership to make the right decisions, is highly valuable. A business analyst with good experience should definitely look at the market if they’re keen on a new challenge – there’s potential for bigger earnings at the moment.

Learn more about what a business analyst does in our dedicated Project Services area of our expertise page.

React Native Skills

If you’ve been a reader of Absolute IT’s news for a while, you may remember our feature piece on React Native skills being in high demand back in March 2020. Our clients are still requiring React Native experience for a range of mobile and web app projects. In fact, React Native is so challenging to source for businesses at the moment that some projects are pivoting to find React.js and angular.js skill sets. These skills are difficult to find in their own right.

What does this mean if you’re an expert in this field? Potentially an increase in opportunities.

Developer Skills

One consistent feature of the IT market over the last 10 years has been the imbalance between supply and demand – and that’s good for devs. Chatting to clients in the past 6 months, we know they’re still needing experience in .net, Python, Javascript languages, among others. Front and Back End developers shouldn’t have trouble finding work, particularly in Auckland where there is an ever-growing tech sector requiring these roles at virtually all levels.

Android Developer Skills

Interestingly we’re seeing plenty of opportunities for Android-specific development. While iOS remains strong, it’s the Android side of mobile OS where employers are needing expertise. Catering for more smartphone types is important in both public and private sectors, and mobile developers are consequently finding more work in both a contract and permanent capacity.

Google Flutter Skills

Suddenly in 2021 we were fielding questions from clients wanting expertise in Google’s new software development kit Flutter. Touted as a solution for building mobile, web and desktop apps from one codebase, we’d expect this to join the list of desirable skills with React and iOS/Android experience. Mobile developers would be certainly helping bolster their CV’s attractiveness in today’s market by looking into Flutter!


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