February 18, 2021

Tech and Digital Remuneration Report – February 2021

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Our latest Tech & Digital Remuneration Report has just been released. In it, we look into the growth we have seen in the sector and offer insights into trends that we have seen emerge in recent months.

The latest data shows that the national median tech base salary is $100,000 per annum, a 5.3% increase from the $95,000 per annum recorded in January 2020. Meanwhile, the median tech contracting rate held firm at $100/hour which has remained stable since July 2018.

We also saw an increase for the national median digital base salary which rose 5.7% to reach $92,500 per annum. Meanwhile, the median digital contracting rate increased to reach $87/hour.

Despite the impact of the global pandemic on all industries and sectors, in some cases we have seen stability or increases in tech and digital professionals’ income, which we feel adds weight the crucial role that IT continues to play in our recovery. Correspondingly, this may place a number of IT professionals in a stronger position to negotiate when it comes to role and salary discussions.

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