July 4, 2019

IT career paths that will get you hired

1 min read

Time to change lanes in your IT career? Or maybe you are thinking about a career in IT? With so many career paths available in IT it can be difficult to figure out which direction to take and which skills to develop for a successful IT career.  In March 2019 Absolute IT released an IT Job Market Report which reviewed the New Zealand job market, with survey responses from over 2,200 job seekers and 300 IT employers, and one of the things that it looked at was ‘skills in demand’.

“The Job Market Report highlighted the increasing demand for certain sought-after IT skills that are often in short supply. It also became clear that employers are finding it harder and harder each year to attract and retain their IT staff, a trend we do not foresee to change in the near future,” says Helen MacDiarmid, Business Development Manager at Absolute IT.


Absolute IT