September 8, 2016

Easy CV Fixes to Get You From Graduated to Hired

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It is a conundrum that many graduates grapple with – they have the degree but not the experience and in order to get the experience, they need to get a job.
How do you get an employer to look beyond your lack of experience and give you a chance to prove your mettle?

It starts with a CV that shows that you have skills that would add value to their business, regardless of your official work experience.

Four tips to help you get your CV market ready

1. Let your CV focus on what you have done well during your studies, not what the course/degree expectations was.

You need to show you are conscientious, and can complete and achieve tasks and goals. It is a lot more powerful to see that a graduate candidate has constantly delivered projects to a high standard than reading that the course required four development projects to be completed over two years.

2. Use business language to describe your achievements as this will help to engage employers and highlight your potential as a rising star.

To use the example in point number one – if you consistently delivered projects to a high standard within a set time frame then use phrases such as ‘can work to a brief, prioritise tasks, efficient time management”.

3. Use your graduate experiences to showcase abilities that business owners would value.

Think of the skills you had to use when you completed tasks and projects within a certain timeframe (execution of tasks, efficient time management) organised a sporting or cultural event (project management, budgeting skills) or led a study group (leadership, team player, and communication).

4. Show your heart, not only your mind. Employers want to get a sense of the type of person they are hiring.

Ran a marathon to raise funds for a cause? Committed environmentalist that organises regular clean-ups? Remember that these personal achievements say a lot about your attitude and willingness to do beyond what is expected.

Need a CV Template? Download a CV template here (Word).

The next step is to write a cover letter that will help you stand out from the crowd – view our ‘how to write a kick-ass cover letter’ video for some helpful tips.

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