Yuri Domanski

Candidate Manager

My journey into recruitment has been quite the adventure. Starting out like many other university graduates, I found myself in a run-of-the-mill corporate job that left me searching for meaning. In pursuit of purpose, I took an unexpected turn and joined the Officer ranks of the Royal New Zealand Navy. Amidst the charts and compasses, I discovered a passion for cooking, ultimately reaching the position of Head Chef. However, my passion for cooking found its place at home.

I reflected on the diverse range of people I had encountered throughout my journey. Their unique stories and aspirations made me realise that my skills connecting with people were tailor-made for the world of recruitment. Beginning my recruitment career in internal recruitment with a heavy focus on project work, I soon started to crave the energy of agency. Now, as part of the team at Absolute IT, I bring together my varied experiences, from naval officer to master chef, to skilfully match exceptional individuals with their ideal career paths.

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